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Public Health Dentistry

Public Health Dentistry

Department Of Public Health Dentistry

Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences has a well equipped and fully functional department of Public Health Dentistry. The department is equipped with a full fledged clinic with eight Dental chairs, a H.O.D. room, Staff room, Seminar room and a room for storage and sterilization.

In our country where about 90% of the population is affected with dental caries and periodontitis and where oral cancer ranks 1st among all cancers, Public Health Dentistry department plays a very important role in the prevention of these diseases.

Our department conducts various dental health education and screening programmes highlighting the importance of good oral hygiene in preventing dental diseases and the detrimental effects of tobacco and related products.

Treatment camps are also undertaken, and poor patients are given free dental treatments like extractions, fillings and oral prophylaxis. Students are also attending these camps. They give health education lectures and demonstrate brushing techniques to patients as a part of their study programme.

In the department, students have to record indices and educate patients about proper oral hygiene techniques. In addition, students have to present seminars and prepare posters and models. They also practice in group discussions.

This department also undertakes responsibility in celebrating oral hygiene day, dentist s day, world health day, anti-tobacco day etc. Programmes conducted include poster presentations, essay writing competition and speeches/lectures on relevance of good oral hygiene in preventing dental diseases and overall health.