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Departmentt of Microbiology

Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences has a well equipped Microbiology Department with necessary equipments and educational materials. This department conducts lectures, lecture demonstrations and practicals in Bacteriology, Virology, Immunology, Mycology and Parasitology for the second year BDS students.

We intent to achieve our goal of introducing the students to the exciting world of microbes to make the students aware of various branches of Medical Microbiology ,the importance , significance and contribution of each branch to mankind and other fields of medicine.

Lecture classes are conducted with the aid of audio visuals like power point presentation. In addition to the didactic lectures, demonstrations, seminars, arguments and small group discussions make the teaching sessions attractive. Monthly test papers, internal assessment examinations are conducted on appropriate dates. Practicals are conducted once in a week, which enables the students to acquire the skill to collect and transport clinical specimens to lab, to diagnose, to differentiate various oral lesions and to carry out proper aseptic procedures in the dental clinic.